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God has given us an amazing work in helping pastors fulfill their ministries. We provide an armor-bearer commitment to pastors. From providing a time of short term rest, refreshing and refocus for pastors and their wives at no charge, as well as multi-layered follow-up support and evangelism training at each pastors local church, Healing Promises Ministries is committed to helping pastors fulfill their ministries.

We have watched thousands of souls respond to the preaching of the Gospel, being born again and added into the Kingdom of Heaven through our preaching the Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins.  We realize that in order to reach the multitudes of lost souls, a new era of equipping saints for the work of ministry is necessary. The status quo state of many believers lodged in "dogmatic slumber" is simply not seeing the lost redeemed. God has begun to orchestrate not only a vision but a specific plan for our ministry to reach and impact the leaders of the church, today's pastors, as well as their elders and deacons. As leaders are helped, they in turn will better equip the saints in their collective bodies to truly go into all the world, and proclaim the Gospel, and see souls won to Christ.  The fields are white for harvest, and God’s harvest of souls is waiting to be reaped for his glory.  We provide this time to those pastors whom the Lord provides to our ministry so that they can fulfill their ministries and return to their congregations to ready the bride for Christ’s return.



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Healing Promises

Rev. Craig Beman

Healing Promises Ministries

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